My Dear Zarathushti Sisters and Brothers:

It is said that: LOVE is an act of FAITH – when FAITH matures it becomes LOVE.

The following contribution is a culmination of my FAITH in LOVE along with my LOVE in FAITH.

The topic of Sudreh and Kushti has always fascinated me. This fascination led me to a unique quest for learning in the past ten plus years.

The information acquired has touched me at a spirit level, which in the distant past was beyond the comprehension of my mind.

It also helped me to somewhat correlate and understand the spiritual constitution behind the physical construction of Sudreh and Kushti.

My humble conclusion is that:

The Sudreh or Kushti is not a "GARMENT OF CONVENIENCE",


In these 7-part Series titled: “THE GARMENT OF THE MILLENNIUMS… ITS SYNERGY ON HUMAN ENERGY”, I will be sharing information along with experiential exercises and rare pictures that has touched the spiritual dimension of my consciousness.

Please note that the information shared in this 7-part series is supported more by the conviction of my faith rather than the prescription of science.

Because I firmly believe that: IT TAKES FAITH TO TRUST THE ODDS.

Furthermore, this information is not meant to prove anything but simply to share something that I value very dearly in my heart and soul.

As you read this information, may you ALWAYS be BLESSED in ALL-WAYS.

In the spirit of sharing
May the

Light Of Valuable Energy
and the
Love In God's Heart Today
be with you and your family.

With Blessings of love and light always from Meher Amalsad


The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 1 of 7

The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 2 of 7

The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 3 of 7

The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 4 of 7

The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 5 of 7

The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 6 of 7

The Garment of the Millenniums .... Part 7 of 7


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