This special message is dedicated to my BUN-BUN who passed away on August 10, 2001.

My Spirited BUN-BUN
The Little Girl who Lost her Bunny


© 2001-2003 , Meher Amalsad, Author of   BREAD FOR THE HEAD TM



Dear Friends:

Over the years, I have shared inspirational stories with people about my transformational experiences with children.

But very few people know that I have also spent a good part of my life around domesticated animals.

Today, I like to share with you a story about my Spirited Rabbit BUN-BUN who passed away this morning at about 6:45 am. And how my life was truly blessed by the love and spirit of this wonderful animal.

In the past, I have had dogs and cats, but about five years back we were blessed with this opportunity to adopt a baby rabbit by one of my wife's patients.

My the then 6-year old daughter Anahita named this rabbit BUN-BUN.

From the very first day, BUN-BUN became an integral part of the family and so we felt responsible for his protection and well being.

Now, one of our neighbor's had a big black cat, who I somehow thought would attack BUN-BUN.

Thus, in the first few months we put BUN-BUN in a cage and only allowed him to move freely in our back yard when someone was monitoring him.

In the event our neighbor's Black Cat would come in our back yard we would Shooo her off to protect BUN -BUN.

But one day, I let him out and the phone rang. I attended the call and forgot all about BUN-BUN.

Hours later, when it dawned on me that BUN-BUN is out in the backyard all by himself, I went out to look for him and I witnessed one of the most remarkable things in my life.

BUN-BUN was peacefully sleeping under our lemon tree and the Big Black Cat was sleeping next to him.

At that time, I was convinced that my protection may be fine, but it wont compare with the Divine.

From that day onwards, BUN-BUN was not caged. He was allowed to move freely in our back yard and was only brought in during inclement weather conditions.

Another interesting thing that I had noticed about BUN-BUN was that he was a very quiet animal. But beneath his quietness their was a peaceful reflection of unconditional love and spirituality which I was able to tap on very early.

Now, I have a good understanding about the human aura and the energy system of the chakras.

I am also fully cognizant about healing through the power of energy, like Reiki.

Whenever, I would sit on the ground in my backyard, BUN-BUN would first run in my direction, then at a radius of about 4 feet away from me, he would start circling clockwise around my body and slowly coiling in towards me in about 7 circles. (This circling motion was always clockwise, never anticlockwise.)

I was convinced that BUN-BUN could see my AURA and the Circling effect was an indication of him gently entering into my energy system.

Another mind boggling experience that I tried with a handful of my trusted friends, including a Buddhist Monk is that I could hold BUN-BUN in my hands and get a feel for his energy.

I would then put BUN-BUN in the hands of another person for about 15-20 seconds.

I would then take BUN-BUN back from them and I could exactly tell them what were they feeling at that specific moment.

Being so tuned with BUN BUN, what I found was that BUN-BUN had the ability to absorb the energy from that person and reflect it back into my hands.

Having said that, my daughter Anahita is also very perceptive about BUN-BUN's behavior.

Last night, she told me: "Baba, BUN-BUN does not feel well. Do you think he will die tonight."

I did not want to discount or endorse her reflections because I wanted her to sleep peacefully.

However, I held BUN-BUN in my hands, prayed for him and offered him some energy healing through Reiki.

It is because I believe that one can be completely healed and still die.

I said: "Good night and God bless you to BUN-BUN. And, I also thanked him for the spirit of unconditional love that I received from him over the past five years."

I was with BUN-BUN until pretty close to midnight because I was not sure if I was going to see him in the morning or not.

Somehow, I was fast asleep when at 6:15 am this morning my phone rang.

When I picked up the receiver, I heard a fax tone.

After a few minutes I went down to collect the fax and there was no fax.

I knew that there was a special reason why this dummy fax woke me up.

Since, I was up, I decided to check BUN-BUN..... and Guess What?

It was like BUN-BUN saying to me: "Good Morning Meher, that was a Fax from me to you. I called to let you know that I am getting ready to go."

I called my wife Katayoon and daughter Anahita to come down and bid him good bye.

By the time they came down I was holding BUN-BUN and for the first time, I heard a sound from him.

It felt like his vital organs were shutting down on him.

My wife told me that can we relieve him of this pain by taking him to the hospital and asking the vet to put him to sleep.

And I said: Only God has the power to give and take life.

Now, I normally do not ask God for favors because God has always taken very good care of me and I have been truly blessed with everything that I need in my life.

But this morning, I asked God to allow BUN-BUN into the spirit world without any human intervention.

I first held BUN-BUN in my hands and prayed for him.

Then I placed him in his cage and continued my prayers and told him that I love him and that very soon he will be in a very peaceful place.

In about 8-10 minutes his final transition took place at 6:45 am.

At 7.05 am I took him to the animal hospital. His paperwork was completed by 7:11 am.

Just, before they were getting ready to take him to the Cremation Chamber, I paid my last respects to BUN-BUN with a bow and a prayer.

He was cremated around 7:15 am.

As I was driving back something ......... clicked in my spirit..... Let me share that with you.

Now last night, I had the opportunity to mentor a little girl for a special program.

In this program in most cases, I get only one opportunity to interact with a specific child.

While reading her folder, I gathered that she has a Pet Bunny.

Being excited I asked: "So you have a Bunny."

And she said: "Not any more."

Out of curiosity, I asked: "What happened?"

And she said: "It's none of your business."

Now, very rarely I come across a situation when children exhibit misbehavior around me.

As a responsible adult, I felt that her behavior was inappropriate.

So in a very loving but firm way I brought that to her attention.

She apologized and we both continued our interaction for the rest of the time she was with me.

After she left, I was still contemplating about what could have possibly caused her to behave in this abrupt manner.

It was this morning after getting BUN-BUN cremated I was driving back home.

And while I was reflecting on my feelings about BUN-BUN, that it certainly dawned on me that may be my question could have stirred up some emotions in her which resulted in her abrupt and inappropriate behavior.

At that very instant, I saw the behavior of that girl from a very different perspective.

I could clearly see that the little girl was not trying to hurt me.

Rather, it could be something in my statement that may have hurt her feelings.

I was able to surpass the love of truth through the truth of love.

I am not sure if I will ever get a clarification from that little girl, but I surely did get a clarification from the little voice.... in me.

In the spirit of this clarification, I remain with love and light to you all.

I thank you all for being a part of my love, light and life.


Meher Amalsad


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