An empowering model for creating a life filled with joy.
Suzan Walter, President
, American Holistic Health Association


Priceless elixir of dynamic soul boosting quotes. A must medicine for mental attitude
Mehrnaz Noshir Irani, M.D. FAAP, Chandler, Arizona
, Medical Doctor
Dr. Irani and her work were featured in Time Magazine.


Valuable and insightful messages for anyone seeking a higher consciousness, awareness and self-realization.
Dr. Alan Lazar, Founder,
Healing Center for Santa Monica


This book is an extra-ordinary tool for helping our patients discover the keys to a joyful and healthy life.
Dr. Joyce Johnson, President
Wellness Center for California


As a psychologist I find this book relevant to the emotional needs of our society. A must for those seeking to fill their emotional void.
Dr. Kersi Antia, Chicago, IL,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


A pocket portable handbook of loving solutions attempting to restore balance in a world groping for answers. Meher's idealism and sincerity shine through like a beacon.
T. Anthony Don Michael, M.D. Author, Los Angeles, CA, Licensed Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine, UCLA,   Honorary Consul for California representing Sri Lanka


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