And other things that can save a failing relationship

Whether it's your marriage, a close friendship, your children, a work association, or any other relationship, Meher Amalsad says we're all making one vital mistake that's causing virtually every problem we have - and he'll help clear up the misunderstanding right on the air!

A dynamic and articulate talk show guest, Amalsad says that when we treat people like human doings instead of human beings - which most of us do - it prevents the kind understanding that's vital to any successful relationship. Amalsad will entertain your listeners as he explains:

Amalsad has educated, motivated, entertained, and influenced the lives of thousands by helping them bring out the best in themselves and their organizations. He speaks to Fortune 500 companies and groups nationwide on a variety of topics, and is the author of BREAD FOR THE HEAD , which has been endorsed by numerous psychological masters of the world.

This was first published in Radio-TV Interview Report (early June 1997)

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