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FEZANA Journal - Summer 1997

Another gem of a book from the pen of professional speaker, author and seminar leader, Meher Amalsad, Bread for the Head follows Amalsad's popular publication, Gifts that Lifts, Shifts and Uplifts.

A handy pocket-sized volume, Bread for the Head™ is filled with thoughts and idea that will inspire the heart and motivate the mind, with prime focus on Parenting, Unconditional Love, Spiritual Consciousness, Success and Excellence.

"This book is a treasure chest filled with gems of wisdom," says Jack Canfield, co-author of NY Times Best Seller Chicken Soup for the Soul , "I find upliftment on every page." Author Denis Waitley called it: "Priceless Gems!"

Malcolm Bhesania, who attended a presentation by Amalsad - writes: "Meher is a fascinating story teller who delightfully wove together humorous anecdotes and compelling factual information to demonstrate the wealth of wisdom contained in his quotations, derived through clever and insightful play on words.

"Through his mantra of Unconditional Love, Meher demonstrates how happiness and love are just a choice."

Viking Vision - Summer 1997 (School Newspaper from Valencia high School)

By Ehsan Zaffar (16 years old)

In a time where values have been forgotten, love becomes a tawdry token of appreciation and life a misshapen place of eternity, many people have forgotten the good in life. Meher D. Amalsad, strives to light a path for the disillusioned masses of the world,
Bread for the Head become his guiding light and from the simplest of ideas he achieves a myriad of positive effects.

Clear enough to be understood by children, each bit sparkling counsel written from a unique perspective, Amalsad delivers with stunning success his sage advice to the spiritually needy. Today, when many of the young people of this world are being led astray, this book encourages them to look at their lives again, change what is wrong and make it right. A positive, unique change from the volumes of our time, it's simplicity freshly invigorating, Bread for the Head truly rises and helps others ascend in Love, Light and Life.

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