Motivation for the Mind
In Search Of Your Quest, How To Do Your Best

In this fun-filled empowering program, Meher will share the tools you need to make your life worth living. You will learn how to fill your path and fulfill your life with a succession of successful successes.

Inspiration For The Heart
Love Grows And Shows, Only When It Flows

In this heart warming, inspirational program, Meher will create the LovEnergY that will ignite and invite people into your life. His touching stories on Unconditional love are designed to create unity within diversity in humanity.

What  Others  Are  Saying
About Meher Amalsad . . .

Meher is an impassioned speaker who knows his quest and is willing to share it with his audiences so that they too will find self-empowerment and fulfillment.
R. Gregory Alonzo, Author, Say Yes To success

Meher, your inspiring presentation about unconditional love brought tears to my eyes. As you reach people, you will truly touch their hearts. Thank you for contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization.
Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., ND. President and Founder of, The Wellness Center for Research and Education Inc.

Your informative, educational and motivational presentation `In Search of Your Quest, How To Do Your Best,' undoubtedly left a positive impression on our members. In addition, the audience participation in your inspirational song, `Success With Dreams' was truly overwhelming. Thank you for your commitment to success.
Barrett Van Buren, Director of Placement, ITT Corporation

In Your presentation `Love Grows and Shows Only if it Flows', You truly enlightened our lives by sharing some extra-ordinary experiences of unconditional love with your daughter Anahita. Your message of treating people as HUMAN BEINGS INSTEAD OF HUMAN DOINGS was striking to the mind, vitalizing to the body and appealing to the soul.
Del Fox, Program Chairman, The Rotary Club

Meher, I want to thank you for your dynamic and entertaining presentation, `In Search of Your Quest, How To Do Your Best,' in which you shared your insights from a wide base of practical wisdom with us. Not only did you create a positive vision for us, but also, you left us all supercharged. Keep up the marvelous service to humankind.
Dr. Mehrdad Zomorrodi, Manager, Xerox Corporation

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