Thank you for your thoughtfulness, and wish you every success for your publication.
From the office of:  Lady Margaret Thatcher, L.G. O.M., F.R.S. House of Lords, London

The Archbishop commends you on the particularly fine work you are doing with your Bread for the Head publication..
From the office of: Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  Chairperson of Truth & Reconciliation Commission

We always enjoy hearing from people who are doing such powerful healing work in the world. Thank you for sharing your work with us and we wish you great success and prosperity.
From the office of: Louise L. Hay Author & Healer

Meher God bless you in all your endeavors. My prayer is that your work will reach our children far and wide.
Norman Vincent Peale,  Center for Christian Living

Meher, I treasure the succinct messages and the distillation of your spiritual path presented in this book.
Thank you for thinking of me and for extending the love of your heartin such a personal way.
From the office of: Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   Church Universal and Triumphant

Best wishes and sincere prayers that God will continue to bless and guide you in your endeavors..
From the office of: Dr. Robert Schuller  Crystal Cathedral Ministries

Our love and prayers for your work, health and happiness.
From the office of: Dr. Deepak Chopra  Author & Speaker

I commend you for your intention to produce work that empowers the individual. It's not just anyone who will take the time, invest the creative energy, and actually follow through on the plan for such an endeavor. I hope you take pride in what you have already accomplished and wish you the best in all of your endeavors.
Live with passion.
 Anthony J. Robbins,
Chairman of the Board, Robbins Research International, Inc.

We wish you every success with your book.

Thank you for your work toward reducing violence in our society.
Ingrid Newkirk, President
, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(An international organization dedicated to protecting the rights of all animals)

.....As I went home that day [after hearing your speech], I couldn't stop talking about you and your teachings. I shared with my mother who lives with me and my husband the spiritual thoughts and the life examples that you demonstrated to us..... my 3 year old son is now always a "good boy" but he does bad things sometimes that upset Mommy and Daddy..
Nectar Jolly, Manager
, Xerox Corporation


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