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Meher has been on numerous talk shows nationwide. His philosophies are simple yet applicable in each and every aspect of life.

During the interview Meher can demonstrate some or all of his experiential

Watchercize, Fistercise, Handercize, Lovercize, & Bananacize
exercises for the audiences who need Bread for the Head.TM


If you would like to invite Meher as a guest (in person or by phone) on your talk show, please contact:
Meher Amalsad

Partial list of what the Media say about Meher

KCBS Los Angeles - Mind, Body & Soul - Cynthia Eichler
Whether we want to enhance personal relationships or create success in our professional lives, it's a common practice to search for mentors. Meher Amalsad is one of them..... So hold on to your seats and get ready for what will prove to be an exciting ride.

KUCI, FM 88.9 Irvine - The Shifting Paradigm - Dr. Rain Morgan
This show is going to be one of the most incredible talk shows ever produced in the history of talk shows.

KUCI Irvine, KUCR Riverside, KZSC Santa Cruz, KDUS Davis, KLA Los Angeles,
San Diego, KALX Berkeley, KCBS Santa Barbara, - Produce & Host of Mind of Man -
Dr. Stephen B. Mason
"Bread for the Head" is an excellent example of "Meat for the Soul".

AAHS, World News Universal Studios - Jennifer Gonzales
Need a little inspiration? This book is filled with it.... so be on the lookout for this uplifting individual.

KYPA, AM 1230 Los Angeles - Life with Lynn Rose - Lynn Rose
LIFE is an acronym for Love In Full Expression ..... That is what we are going to get from Meher Amalsad.

KVON, AM 1440 & KVYN, FM 99.3 Napa Valley - Plugged In - Franchesca Vox
A unique approach to healing relationships in personal and professional lives.

KYPA, AM 1230 Los Angeles - Money Mastery - Jonathan Ogden
Here is a man with a mission ....... to transform lives.

KGLW, AM 1340 San Luis Obispo - Information Press Hour- Sandra Marshall
Inspirational messages that will guide people..... so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

KUCI, FM 88.9 High Visibility - Diane Chapman
Simple but very powerful insights.... for the business world..

KYPA, AM 1230 Los Angeles - Art of Mastering Money - Maxim Fields
This little book is a dynamo. I carry it in my coat pocket.

KYPA, AM 1230 Los Angeles - Parent Talk - Olga Jones
A multi-talented individual..... very unique insights for healing relationships with our children.

KVSF, AM 1260 New Mexico - Dear Melissa Show - Melissa Weiner
An interesting way of combining the spiritual and metaphysical principles into the financial and professional lives.

KLAV, AM 1230 Las Vegas - Catell Talk Show - Catell
Your principles and teachings are very similar to the COURSE IN MIRACLES. I just love your VANISHING concept as opposed to BANISHING concept.

KYPA, AM 1230 Los Angeles - On The Positive Side - Muhammad Nassardeen and Kitty Davis
An uplifting book which shows how to display the fruit of our spirit through love, peace, and kindness.

Syndicated TV Show - Beyond Belief - Albert Taylor
Man..... your experiential exercises are just incredible. I just love the way you squeeze the banana to make a powerful point.

Cable Show - Fullerton Focus - Mark Von Esch
Meher has a unique slant on incorporating the principles of unconditional love in the corporate environment to create consciousness awareness.

Syndicated TV Show - Viewpoint on Nutrition - Dr. Arnold Pike
With a viewpoint on nutrition, this book is a must for those who need BREAD FOR THE HEAD.

Producer & Host TV Show - In Our Midst - Cliff McClain
A book that is truly making a difference in our community with gangs, battered women, abused children and, ....

Producer & Host TV Show - People to Know  - Crystal O'Kelly
This book provides a path for higher consciousness leading to a garden of love and light.

KYPA, AM 1230 Personal Achievement Radio
It's a handy pocket-size volume filled with memorable and valuable guide posts.

KOST 103.5 FM, Los Angeles
A user friendly, easy to read, inspirational book.

The Hanford Sentinel
It's a little book that offers heavy weight words.

FEZANA Journal
This book is packed with thought provoking gems that inspire the heart and rejuvinate the spirit.

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