In the LAP (Love-Appreciation-Power) of
Ahura Mazda.


Transforming terrorism with Heroism and Zoroastrianism


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Let us treat people as our own sister and brother
So that we can live together and love each other.


On the morning of September 11, 2001, when the first plane hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, a teacher was walking into the building of a day care center with her little child.

At that very moment, this day care center was providing care to about a dozen infants and toddlers.

Since this day care centre was located very close to the Twin Towers, the teacher immediately recognized the danger that these small kids were about to face.

So she ran inside the day care center and along with her colleagues quickly put as many children as they could in grocery trolleys and they all ran out of the building in a random direction to save the lives of these small kids. The older kids who could not get into the trolleys were made to run along with these teachers.

As they came out of the building, a large cloud of dust from the explosion of the World Trade Center started to cover them.

Concerned citizens, instinctively removed their jackets and covered these small children to protect their bodies from getting injured.

In the midst of all this chaos, these teachers had to run with the kids for about three miles before they were given refuge in another day care center.

Even though the lives of each and every child was saved, a higher order miracle was put in place.

1. This Day Care Center had an established emergency exit route but the teachers somehow chose not to take it. Had they taken that route, all the kids would have been completely crushed. This is what we call..... the DIVINE GUIDANCE.

2. The parents of most kids worked at the World Trade Center, which collapsed to ground zero after the explosions. But somehow, all of those parents survived this major catastrophe. This is what we call..... the DIVINE GRACE.

So what do you think created this miracle under the divine guidance and grace?

Was it the teachers' hate for the terrorist, fear of the attack, or love for the children?

I believe that LOVE stands for the LIGHT OF VALUABLE ENERGY.

And when we use that valuable energy to enter the dimension of consciousness, all we will see is love.

And where there is love, there can be no hate, or fear or anger.

It is because the "Spirit of Heroism" lies in strengthening the bonds of Love, not the binds of hate, fear, anger or revenge.

Love transforms. Anger, hate, and revenge deforms.

Also, where Love emanates, fear and hate dissipates.

Furthermore, we should realize that: "There is ERROR in the word TERROR".

Let us not make the ERROR of adding some more TERROR

Instead, let us use the "T" in the word "TERROR" to TRANSFORM the ERROR.

And that is why:

"In life, when we come across someone with a HOT TEMPER or a COLD ATTITUDE, we can always transform their behavior, if we choose to invite them into our lives with a WARM HEART."

I have learnt this philosophy from the "Spirit of Zoroastrianism".

The core philosophy of this religion is focused on Good thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds, through Unconditional Love and Spirituality. The prime focus is on reaching out, instead of pointing out, and the prime focus is on lighting the candle, instead of cursing the darkness. Because, we do not see the light, by cursing the darkness, we only see the light by lighting the candle, and we do not get results by pointing out, we only get results by reaching out.

Now the key here is to understand, that there is light in what you are saying, and there is light in what someone else is saying. Now we have the choice. We can choose to put these two lights together and create more light, or we can choose to put off these two lights altogether and create more fight. The choice is entirely ours. So instead of fighting things in life, focus on lighting things in life. And this will only happen when we focus on Good thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds, in each and every moment of our lives. Now the question comes, how can we incorporate the principles of Good thoughts, Good words, and Good Deeds to be able to live an unconditional and spiritual lifestyle.

This is what it says in my book, Bread For The Head™

Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds are truly energized

When we spread so much peace around us, there is no room for war

When we spread so much love around us, there is no room for hate

When we spread so much good around us, there is no room for evil

When we spread so much health around us, there is no room for sickness

When we spread so much light around us, there is no room for darkness

When we spread so much prosperity around us, there is no room for adversity

When we spread so much consciousness around us, there is no room for viciousness


A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle

Only then we will realize that:

  • People who try to hurt us, could be the ones who are hurting themselves
  • The foundation of our freedom lies in love and dreams, not in walls and beams

And with that understanding we may be able to prevent

I will leave you with these words of wisdom from Dada Vaswani:

" I have met many people who will go to any length to prove the superiority of their religion over those of others. They will hold endless discussions and debates. They will even fight for it and die for it. But I have met very few who live for their religion - who bear witness to its great teaching in deeds of daily living. Religion is life!"

Let us treat people as our own sister and brother
So that we can live together and love each othe


In it lies the essence of HEALING Humanity




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