Professional Speakers, Authors and Seminar Leaders Meher Amalsad of Westminster CA and Shahriar Shahriari of Los Angeles, CA, will be presenting a program that will create transformation in your personal and professional lives.
In this experiential and transformational program you will learn:
  • Why success is a state of BEING and not a matter of DOING?
  • Why it is important to understand before we take a stand – in life?
  • Why it is more important to be creative than competitive?
  • How to transform your barriers of success into carriers of success – through love?
  • How to let your soul set your goal and define your role?
  • How to use consciousness to change adversity into prosperity?
  • How to enjoy abundance by letting go of redundance?


Meher Amalsad

Whose work has been endorsed by world psychological masters like Dr. Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John Bradshaw, Jim Cathcart, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, John Randolph Price, Arun Gandhi (the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) and blessed by the office of Mother Teresa, is the renowned author of "Bread For The Head." He speaks to Fortune 500 Corporations and professional organizations on "How to achieve the American Dream through consciousness awareness." His message of creating unity within diversity in humanity has been enjoyed by millions on numerous radio and TV talk shows nationwide.

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Shahriar Shahriari

Is an Author, Speaker, Poet and Human Imagination Consultant who has conducted seminars throughout the United States and Canada as well as South Asia. He is the founder of Transformations Unlimited, a consulting firm that started in Vancouver, and the author of three books on spirituality and creativity, and numerous articles in local and national magazines on subjects ranging from Creativity to Chaos. He has been interviewed on numerous talk shows both locally and nationally. His message is aimed at creating a better world by honoring the spirit within, one soul at a time.

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