VOHUMAN means WISDOM and MAZDA means the DIVINE.

There is ASHA, USHTA & VOHUMAN in Mazda's creation
USHTA is to those who use their VOHUMAN to be on the path of ASHA


In the
LAP (Love-Appreciation-Power) of the Divine

To seek prosperity in meek adversity

© 2003, Meher Amalsad, Author of Bread For the Head™



Bill Cosby once asked his grandmother:

"Is this glass half full or half empty?"

To which she wisely responded:

"It depends on whether you are pouring or drinking."


While playing baseball all by himself, a little boy proudly announced: "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!"

Then he tossed the ball, swung the bat, but missed the shot.

"Strike One!" he shouted.

He picked up the ball and once again proclaimed: "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!"

With confidence he tossed the ball, swung the bat, but somehow missed again.

"Strike Two!" he yelled.

The boy after examining his bat and ball confidently affirmed: "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!"

Once again with a sporting spirit, he tossed the ball, swung the bat, missed the shot and said:

"Strike Three! ... Wow, I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!"

It says in my book Bread For the Head™ that:

The waves of adversity belong to the ocean of prosperity.

I believe that prosperity as well as adversity is a state of mind that is controlled by our attitude towards them.

When my daughter Anahita was little, if someone said anything negative to her, her reflective response would be:

"We don't allow no stinking thinking over here."

A little boy once told his friend:

"Listen, I don't need your attitude, I have my own."

Children have an interesting way of keeping our attitude in proper perspective.

Now, many people equate adversity with lack of money.

But, to me:
"Money is like Manure. It stinks when we pile it. It grows when we spread it."

because riches may cover a lot of ground, but it is the wealth that cultivates it.

That is where the attitude of prosperity consciousness resides.

To me:
"A wealthy person owns money, but money owns the rich person."

because "A wealthy person focuses on making a difference, but a rich person focuses on making a buck."

That is why wealth is related with wellness, whereas riches come with a lot of itches.. (Ha Ha)

And so, ultimately, the true measure of a person's wealth is what he or she has invested in eternity.

Furthermore, I am a firm believer that the consciousness of adversity stems from our attitude towards gratitude.

Thus, we can choose to live our life with some gratitude
Or we can choose to live our life with an attitude.....
the choice is entirely ours.
  However, prosperity consciousness comes when we develop an attitude of gratitude.
So let:
"Gratitude be a-part of our Attitude, not apart from our Attitude."
And let us
"Be happy with what we have, while in pursuit for what we want."
"Spirituality comes when we have everything and we still possess nothing."

So that we can behold
Without having the need to hold.

In it lies the essence of Z-Attitude

In the spirit of Z-Attitude with Love & Light

© 2001 - 2021 by Meher Amalsad. All rights reserved.

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