This 12-Part Transformational Series

Is Dedicated To My Daughter Anahita

For Being The Love And Light Of My Life
















As an Engineer and Educator, I am a fan of Thinking Outside The Box because I fervently believe that it is an essential ingredient for becoming not only spiritual but also successful and peaceful in life.

One day Anahita and I were in this mood of Thinking Outside The Box so I decided to give her a teaser to ponder.

And I said: Sweetheart…

Is the Zebra A White Horse With Black Stripes?

Or A Black Horse With White Stripes?

And she said: I don’t know Baba.

And I said: Sweetheart…. Think Outside The Box.

And she said: “OK Baba”…. and then she left.

And I thought that we were done.
But a little while later,   

She came back with a big smile on her face and she said:

Baba… A Zebra Is An Invisible Horse With Both Stripes.

I thought that I was trying to give her a Teaser

Instead I got a “Teaser ON Life”  from her.

When you observe this from
The Dimension Of Consciousness
You will find…  that the true essence of
‘A Zebra is Stripeless’.

Because It is Boundless.

There are no boundaries that are set in Black and White.

All those boundaries are a figment of our
imagination or observation.

So, based on how you see the Zebra
will determine the shade of your life.

What we call The Grey Area Of Life.

I ask you to take some time to reflect on this teaser
and you will find the answer to

Rise And Shine In Your Life.


The “O” in {  Zor- “O” -Power }  Represents Shoonya where the
Infinite Power Resides, which forms the Essence Of “Oneness”
So {  Zor- “O” -Power } means “Spiritual Strength In Oneness Is Power”


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