This 12-Part Transformational Series

Is Dedicated To My Daughter Anahita

For Being The Love And Light Of My Life
















My favorite Affirmation for Rejuvenation is:


LOVE For Me Stands For

L ight
O f
V aluable
E nergy

And With that sentiment ...

Let me take you into the Promise Of Love With This Exceptional Story

Of LOVE & LIGHT, that literally transformed my life,

when my daughter Anahita was about five years old.

Anahita liked to go to McDonalds and she also enjoyed playing hide-and-go seek.

McDonalds we hardly visited, but hide and go seek we played all the time.

One day, we were famished, so we decided to go get a sandwich from McDonalds.

At McDonalds, as I was approaching the order counter,

I turned around and Anahita had disappeared.

After a few moments, she reappeared pretending to be playing hide and go seek with me.

Now, I had made it very clear to her, that she was not allowed to play hide and go seek in public places.

Just to prove a point,

I decided to bring her back home without buying a sandwich.

So, what do you think, a FIVE year old child,

who enjoys going to McDonalds would do in a situation like this.

Jump, yell, plead, roll, scroll…. Not this child.

To my surprise, she was not only calm and relaxed,

But what was truly amazing, is …..

That when we reached home she told me in a very loving way.

"Baba….. you did not get a chance to eat a sandwich at McDonalds

I will make a PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY sandwich for YOU

So that YOU don’t go hungry."

And you know what? ....

This was the FIRST sandwich that she ever made for anybody.

I was truly touched by the spirit of her unconditional love and forgiveness.

I thought, that I was trying to teach her a lesson.

Instead, I got a lesson of my lifetime.

And the lesson here for all of us is this.

Our children will love us unconditionally when they are young.

We need to make sure that when they grow up and know better, that we have given them

sufficient reasons to continue to love unconditionally.

And this my friends will only happen when we truly understand that:

The Only Condition In LOVE Is That There Are No Conditions


The “O” in {  Zor- “O” -Power }  Represents Shoonya where the
Infinite Power Resides, which forms the Essence Of “Oneness”
So {  Zor- “O” -Power } means “Spiritual Strength In Oneness Is Power”


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