This 12-Part Transformational Series

Is Dedicated To My Daughter Anahita

For Being The Love And Light Of My Life
















Many years ago, I was a Speaker at the Whole Life Expo,

Where I met this spiritual Guru who asked me,

"Meher, who is your spiritual teacher?"   and I said,

"My daughter Anahita."

He was pleasantly surprised.

Then  he said,

"I guess I never looked at that aspect of spirituality in life."

I have learned some significant lessons on

Unconditional Love and Spirituality from my daughter Anahita.

One day, when she was about two years old,

we were waiting in a car at a stop light and she said,

"Baba, there is a bad man sitting in that car."

Now that statement got my attention.

I asked her,

"Sweetheart, what made you say something like that?"

And  she responded,

"The Man Is Smoking."

I pulled the car over and had an interesting conversation with her. I told her…

"Sweetheart, The Man Is Doing A Bad Thing,

He May Not Necessarily Be A Bad Person."

Now, you may wonder how effective an intellectual conversation with my two year old daughter would be, but what I have to share with you now is really mind-boggling.

Approximately six months later, one day when I came home and heard,

"Anahita was a bad girl today."

Immediately my daughter came up to me and said, 

"Baba, That Is Not True, I Was Not A Bad Girl,

I May Have Done A Bad Thing."

We must learn to separate the being from the doing,

if we want to exercise and experience spirituality in our lives.

We live in a society which values the doing more than the being.

If the child does something good, our tendency is to say,

"Good boy or good girl," instead of, "good job,"

As if the child was "no good" until they did something good.


Our society also tells children,

"I'll love you if you do this for me. I'll love you if you bring home good grades..."

And so our children are made to understand that they don't matter unless they perform. 

Thus they become a human-doing instead of human-being.

We need to give our strokes first for their being and then for their doing.

Only then will we be able to enhance spirituality in humanity.

One of the most fundamental steps in spirituality is to understand that there are no bad people on this planet. There are only good people, some of whom do bad things.


Living Is A State Of Being, Not A Matter Of Doing

Because We Are Human Beings Not Human Doings

Let Us Choose To Be The Being

Before We Choose To Do The Doing




The “O” in {  Zor- “O” -Power }  Represents Shoonya where the
Infinite Power Resides, which forms the Essence Of “Oneness”
So {  Zor- “O” -Power } means “Spiritual Strength In Oneness Is Power”


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