This 12-Part Transformational Series

Is Dedicated To My Daughter Anahita

For Being The Love And Light Of My Life
















My daughter Anahita has been my teacher of Unconditional Love and Spirituality. 

She has been the joy and pride of my life.

And I have found her to be a daughter of impeccable integrity for which I am truly grateful.

When Anahita was in Middle School, one day she brought home, a corrected copy of her Math homework with an 'A' grade on it.

As I was browsing through it, I realized that the teacher had given her the grade for one of the problems that was incorrectly solved.

The next day, Anahita brought that to her teacher's attention.

And the teacher said:

“Anahita, I will keep the same grade for your honesty and integrity.”

When she came home and shared that news with me, I told her:

Sweetheart, from now onwards ...

The teacher will not only remember you as

A Straight "A" Distinguished Honor Roll Student...

But will also cherish you as  A Straight "A" Distinguished Honorable Person.

That I believe,  is needed in building a dignified relationship,
including the one we have with ourselves.

A Distinguished Honorable Person. 
Like My Daughter Anahita.

And With That Distinctive Honor

Let Us Start 2021   With This One

In Life...
Give With Dignity
Live With Integrity 



The “O” in {  Zor- “O” -Power }  Represents Shoonya where the
Infinite Power Resides, which forms the Essence Of “Oneness”
So {  Zor- “O” -Power } means “Spiritual Strength In Oneness Is Power”


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