There is ASHA, USHTA, and VOHUMAN in Mazda's creation
USHTA is to those who use their VOHUMAN to be on the path of ASHA


This work is dedicated to my daughter ANAHITA
and to the Children of the World Zarathushti community.

  Dear Children:

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Conversations with VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN .....

(Part 3)



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The following day VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN met each other at GOOD-IES Harbor for the
second meeting.

"So how are you doing today?" Asked POK-U-MAN

"I’m doing great and you?" Asked VOHU-MAN.

"Ahh," said POK-U-MAN, "I just got into an argument with someone, that left me with a bad taste in my mouth."

"But, one does not have to move around with a foul breath even if somebody leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth," said VOHU-MAN.

"So, its like using vinegar to overcome that foul breath," said POK-U-MAN.

"But, you might smell like a pickle," said VOHU-MAN.

"Only for a short time, as long as you do not use it in excess," said POK-U-MAN

"So, what’s the trick?" Inquired VOHU-MAN.

"Well, every morning, you put THREE teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a small cup of water, and then gargle with it for THREE minutes," said POK-U-MAN.

"Does the THREE teaspoons and THREE minutes have anything to do with THREE GOOD-IES?" Inquired VOHU-MAN.


"Yes," said VOHU-MAN, "May be it’s like the first teaspoon for GOOD THOUGHTS, the second for GOOD WORDS and the third for GOOD DEEDS. And while gargling, we can always focus on GOOD THOUGHTS in the first minute, GOOD WORDS in the second and GOOD DEEDS in the third."

"Well, well, well," said POK-U-MAN, "I never thought about it that way. What a way to start your day?

"But, again the key here is to do it in moderation. Even though the vinegar seems to work on foul breath, it should not be used more than once a day."

"Yes, you are right," said VOHU-MAN, "No matter how GOOD something is, anything in excess can become detrimental for our body, mind and spirit."

"By the way, did you know that excess of sugar makes the milk bitter?" asked POK-U-MAN.

"Yes, and did you know that even excess of oxygen can make someone blind!" said VOHU-MAN.

"So, what about excess of LOVE?" asked POK-U-MAN.

"I don’t know, if humans will ever come across a feeling that they have been loved excessively. There will always be a lot of capacity in the human spirit to accept more love," replied VOHU-MAN.

And POK-U-MAN said, "So, love can give you a HIGH huh! Well it seems like its high time. So we better leave before it gets too dark. How about a HIGH FIVE?"

Both, VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN gave each other a HIGH five and said, "See Yah tomorrow at



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