There is ASHA, USHTA, and VOHUMAN in Mazda's creation
USHTA is to those who use their VOHUMAN to be on the path of ASHA


This work is dedicated to my daughter ANAHITA
and to the Children of the World Zarathushti community.

  Dear Children:

If there is any specific TOPIC that YOU would like to see being discussed during our series of

"CONVERSATIONS with VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN", please write to me at

Until then, Enjoy and Share, With Love and Light from Meher


Conversations with VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN .....

(Part 2)



© 2001- 2003, Meher Amalsad, Author of   BREAD FOR THE HEAD TM



The following day VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN met each other at GOOD-IES Harbor.

"Wow, what a wonderful path", said POK-U-MAN, "Thank you so much for suggesting this path, I really enjoyed the walk. But as I was traversing through this path, I was wondering if there was a SPECIAL reason for us to meet here at SEVEN."

"What do you think it is?" asked VOHU-MAN

"I think it’s because SEVEN rhymes with HEAVEN," smiled POK-U-MAN.

"And, I think in this HEAVEN lies the SEVEN SPECIAL CREATIONS," said VOHU-MAN.

"What do you mean by the SEVEN SPECIAL CREATIONS?" asked POK-U-MAN.

"Maybe some other day, we will touch that topic," replied VOHU-MAN.

"So, what did you bring with you?" asked VOHU-MAN.

"I made two cheese sandwiches for us. By the way, what is that bottle-like thing that you have brought with you?" asked POK-U-MAN.

"Well, it’s not a bottle, it’s called a Thermos," replied VOHU-MAN.

"A Thermos! What’s a Thermos?" asked POK-U-MAN.

And, VOHU-MAN said, "I was told that it KEEPS the HOT THINGS HOT & the COLD THINGS COLD."

"So, what do you have in it?" asked POK-U-MAN.


"Ohhhhh! So, I guess we will be having COC-SICLES," smiled POK-U-MAN, and he said, "It seems that sometimes in life even when we have the right intentions, somehow our actions do not reflect our intentions. It’s OK, you know, everyone makes mistakes, but the key to success is not to repeat those same mistakes again.

"But, what I’m really dying to ask you VOHU-MAN is, that in spite of my inappropriate behavior towards you yesterday, why did you still agree to meet with me so happily?"

"It’s because there is so much to learn from you POK-U-MAN," replied VOHU-MAN.

"But, what can you learn from a person who does bad things," asked POK-U-MAN.

"You learn for yourself not to do those things to others," said VOHU-MAN.

"So, lets enjoy our snacks. By the way, thank you for preparing the nice sandwiches and even a bigger thank you for not ridiculing my silly act of mixing the HOT cocoa with the COLD popsicles. Now all we have here is just a WARM drink," said VOHU-MAN.

"You are welcome," said POK-U-MAN. "But, I also learnt a very valuable lesson today. I learnt that, in life, when we come across someone with a HOT TEMPER or a COLD ATTITUDE, we can always transform their behavior, if we choose to invite them into our lives with a WARM HEART."

And with a WARM handshake, they both said, "So long, until tomorrow evening at seven."



© 2001 - 2021 by Meher Amalsad. All rights reserved.

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