There is ASHA, USHTA, and VOHUMAN in Mazda's creation
USHTA is to those who use their VOHUMAN to be on the path of ASHA



This work is dedicated to my daughter ANAHITA
and to the Children of the World Zarathushti community.

  Dear Children:

If there is any specific TOPIC that YOU would like to see being discussed during our series of

"CONVERSATIONS with VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN", please write to me at

Until then, Enjoy and Share, With Love and Light from Meher


Conversations with VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN .....

(Part 1)


© 2001-2003, Meher Amalsad, Author of   BREAD FOR THE HEAD TM



Once upon a time in the city of ASHA there was a small town called USHTA.

In this small town lived two very prominent kids whose names were VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN.

VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN had heard a lot about each other but never had an opportunity to meet each other.

VOHU-MAN always focused on doing nice things and POK-U-MAN tried to slice and dice the nice things.

One day, VOHU-MAN and POK-U-MAN were both invited to the same party.

When they met each other for the first time, VOHU-MAN said "Hi" to POK-U-MAN.

In return, POK-U-MAN started misbehaving with VOHU-MAN by passing nasty remarks.

But to his amazement, the more he misbehaved the happier VOHU-MAN became.

This intrigued POK-U-MAN!

After a while, he just could not stand this HAPPY attitude any more.

So, at the end of the party being in a state of awe, POK-U-MAN asked, " VOHU-MAN, I really do not understand the nature of this HAPPY behavior of yours!"

And VOHU-MAN said, "You see, we all came to this party with a gift. You have yours and I have mine. We can choose to dislike each other’s gift, but we can still respect each other. Now, tell me POK-U-MAN, if I were to give you a gift and you choose not to accept it, then what would happen to that gift?"

"YOU get to KEEP it," said POK-U-MAN.

"Exactly," said VOHU-MAN. "Likewise, the same thing happens to your insults. I CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT YOUR INSULTS, SO ‘YOU’ GET TO KEEP THEM."

And POK-U-MAN said, "WOW, I like that concept. I would like to get to know a little bit more about you. Can we meet again!"

"It will be my pleasure," said VOHU-MAN, "How about a picnic on the GOOD-IES Harbor?"

"GOOD-IES Harbor! What’s a GOOD-IES Harbor?" said POK-U-MAN.

"Its a place where people meet to harbor GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS and GOOD DEEDS," said VOHU-MAN.

"So, how do you get there?" asked POK-U-MAN.

"Well, its pretty simple. First, you get on the path of GOOD THOUGHTS, then using your good mind you make a right into the lane of GOOD WORDS, then you follow your heart until it merges into GOOD DEEDS, and eventually you end up at the GOOD-IES Harbor," said VOHU-MAN

"OK, How about if I bring the sandwiches, you bring the refreshments and we see each other tomorrow at seven in the evening?" asked POK-U-MAN.

VOHU-MAN blew a hug and POK-U-MAN winked an eye, to bid goodbye.



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